Thursday, June 23, 2011

Streets on fire

Incase you've been in a coma the past week, the streets of Vancouver got a beating last week for the hockey game. Here's a few photos I shot for the big game and some skateness around Vancouver which looks to be the start of summer.

Jon Hanlon , frontside nosegrind.

Derek Swaim, Pat O'Rourke and Nick Moore

Derek Swaim, kickflip to fakie

Wade Desarmo warms up with a backside 5050

And ollies the rail for another warm up

Derek Swaim and Stacy Gabriel enjoying the sunshine

AJ McAllister , ollie over to frontside blunt

AJ , 3 shuv's a dry deck while Nick gets in the action

The game starts with some happy fans

Then starts to get a little roudy