Monday, May 31, 2010

Birthday party

  It was my birthday on Friday, many drinks were consumed in the 48 hour party, thanks to everyone that came out for it. Thankfully they're only once a year as the headache is still here.
Corey Sheppard , takes aim, and yes beat me at 8 ball.
Corey Sheppard, me and Paul Machnau
Me and Christy
Dane Collison with the biggest moth I've ever seen.
Atari was the life of the party.
Stacy Gabriel and Derek Swaim playing Pong.

Carrie and I cheers.
Nate Roline on the BBQ.

The 2 am crew, gangsigns?

Friday, May 21, 2010

4-5-6 years

I just found an old CD that had 50 portraits on it. I was working on a project that never seen the light of day. Here's a few oldies that I like from it. Most of these are from 4-6 years ago.

Darrell Stanton and a drunken stranger jumping in for a portrait.
Brian Wenning and Paul Rodriguez
Bob Burnquist and Danny Way
Ryan Sheckler and Tony Tave
Ryan Smith and Sean Hayes
Billy Marks and Rodney Mullen
Lindsey Robertson and Ryan Gallant

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Busy days

The weather's been amazing , which means there's lots to shoot and do. Just finishing up the new issue of Concrete, and working on the photo annual at the same time. Here's a few photos I just got back from my hasselblad, acros 100 , my favourite film ever, and one from a holga.
Terminator from Richmond speed skating track.
Wade Desarmo, holga multi exposure.
Nate Roline, sound experiment.
my globe and camera collection.

Friday, May 7, 2010

New Color Magazine issue 8.2

Just got a hand delivered Color magazine in my hands at it's looking really solid. I have a couple things in there including a Derek Swaim interview (not all but some of the photos) Also they've been having some great content on their site so check it out here , Color magazine

Frontside halfcab heel and fakie heel sequences on an amazing marble set of stairs in Shenzhen.

Concrete Skateboarding Barcelona extras

Go to Concrete to see a bunch of extra photos from Barcelona, I miss that place all ready!

Travel photos on Kingshit

The boys over at kingshit magazine just posted a bunch of my travel photos on their site. Great job organizing this, thanks so much guys looking forward to seeing the new issue soon.

Monday, May 3, 2010

24 hours

What can be done in 24 hours can be quite amazing. Went down to Seattle on Saturday and came home sunday with a boat load of photos, the crew you bring is everything. You'll be seeing a lot of skate photos from this weekend soon. The team was Spencer, Twa, Joey W and Wherry, that's a motivated bunch of skaters. For now here's some random pics.

The lovely Chane holding her scrapbook spread.
A Thai drawing I just finished.
Psychics don't just solve crimes, OK!?!
Absinthe spread while on it!
Ian bails on a flat bar and just saves hitting his head.
Spencer taking a smoke break.
Roline and Magnus drink some beers while the bondo dries.
Nate lands his trick to realize his wheel flew off on the ride away.
Magnus trying a new way to ride his board.