Thursday, September 29, 2011

SBC -fall 2011

   Just got my hands on the new issue of SBC magazine. Here's a few photos I shot in there, mostly the Shake Junt tour trip from the east coast.

Nick Moore , backside smith grind.
Matt Berger, bigspin to switch frontside crook.
John Hanlon, front blunt shuv.
Shake Junt tour's one and only Beagle
Kevin Romar pop shuv and Spencer Hamilton's impossible
Neen Williams, front shuv over rail.
JS Lapierre, switch heel.
Lizard, frontboard tranfer and Figgy, bigspin to front board fakie.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

4X5's are here

Nothing beats the feeling of getting some 4x5's back from the lab. You just can't beat that nervousness and anticipation, Digi photographers, you'll never know. Here's a few I just got back and with my new scanner I should have some big prints for my house too. 100 inches wide at 300 dpi, again, you can't get that with regular digi gear either.

Whytecliff Park

Blacktusk mountain

An old 4x5 photo of Ryan Gallant
Some digi photos as well. Rate Roline about to film a line.
An old photo of Chris Haslam bailing from a weak branch.
Double Exposure of my Uncle Robert and Dad in Naniamo

Harrison hot springs (nikon F3 )

Obey Party on the weekend at No Limits

Trevor Andrews partying

Keith Henry breakdancing at Chad Dickson, Sean Lowe and Wade Desarmo's Bday night, it was a wild one.
Trevor Houlihan and Chad Dickson

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall is here

  The new SBC magazine is out with my ShakeJunt feature, pick it up when it arrives in your town. Here's an opener of Beagle from the magazine.
Olio festival catalog, with Tony Ferguson, frontside 5-0. Event starts in a week.

Also got a small photo of Cory Wilson in the Sept issue of Photography Monthly Magazine.
Cory's frontside 180 in China with a huge drop on one side.
Magnus Hanson is Now on Element Skateboards, way to go buddy! Here he switch crooks a wall rail in Richmond.
Magnus Hanson in Vancouver
Sluggo wins the Hastings bowl Jam in Vancouver. Check that board out too.
Chris Connolly , invert at the hastings bowl jam
Matt Berger having fun in Burnaby, watch those fingers.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

PNE + Blacktusk

Hiked to the top of Blacktusk , which is a long battle carrying a 4x5 camera and camping gear. Well worth the trouble though , photos coming soon from it. Here's some from the digi camera along with PNE photos as well, with a rented ring flash.
My Shenhao 4x5 camera at the top

The view of Garabaldi lake
Lauren hiking to the top at 7am
Beautiful stars from the top of the mountain
Dinner for two

The PNE amusement park