Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring is picking up

With the weather getting better each day , the productivity has been doing the same. Here's a few photos from around the city. Expect lots of Wade and Spencer in some future issue's of the magazine

Vancouver sunrun

Wade Desarmo and Banks

Spencer Hamilton's kickflip silhouette

Aj McAlister, ollie

Sebo Walker was in Vancouver

Sean Lowe

Jordan Murray, backside smith grind the cambie bridge skating in zero degree weather

A pile of my scrapbooks

Sascha Daley , checking out a spot

Hashbrown, enjoying the Surrey sun

Dane Collison, Rich Odam ,and Wade Desarmo hanging out in the cold

Granville st, slow shutter bus

Spencer Hamilton's board, broken and covered in blood

Aj and Corey Klim, searching some new spots

Monday, April 18, 2011

Prints for Sale - at

If your looking for some photos of mine for the office, gifts, what ever, I have 27 new photos for sale at click here to see them all.

YVR, Richmond



Squamish, 1st peak


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Concrete Skateboarding Magazine - Issue 112

Our new issue just came out! Really happy with the printing on this one. I also have a few things in there including the cover (Ian Twa, crooked grind) , and an article on what it's like to live in a skate house with Wade Desarmo, Spencer Hamilton , Joey Williams, Cain Cripps, Brian Wherry, Ian Twa, and the rest of the crew. Here's a few previews plus some extras that didn't make it in. click image to enlarge

Joey Williams, switch frontside blunt shuv in

Cain Cripps, blunt to fakie

Spencer Hamilton, fakie big flip

Bryan Wherry, frontside 180 over rail

Some extras, Bryan Wherry

Ian Twa, nollie heel over the rail

Green's and Spenny check out some new records

Spencer Hamilton, frontside smithgrind.

Spencer's skate or die tattoo

Always partytime.

Ian's board gets run over while skating flat ground, here's the flat spotted wheels

Ian behind the lens

The rooftop is where it's at, especially during fireworks nights

weed griptape?

The crew in front of the house

Cain , backside smith grinds at Kensington park

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Queensborough park

If you haven't heard yet, there's a new park in Vancouver that's really good (Queensborough). I went there with Paul Machnau and Chris Haslam yesterday. We had fun shredding lines and checked out Chris's new old school board shape.

Chris on his enlarged board

Paul Machnau, backside smithgrind on the vert wall

Doubles, Haslam rock fakie while Paul blasts a straight legger

Chris wallrides the boulder

Chris bailing on flat

Paul follow filming with haslam

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Back from Mexico

Just got my film back from Mexico, luckily we left before the earthquake happened. I hope everyone is o.k. SBC magazine is doing a feature so un till then I can't really post much. Here's a few along with some other photos from this month. Expect a commercial and a full video soon as I was the filmer on this trip.

Matt Berger hating the worst travel day ever, we actually lost our pilots and broke the steering on the plane!

Mexican security

A view from our VW beetle taxi

Arte stretches out his jet lagg

Film from my Nikon f3

Some diaries i've been working on, Spencer Hamilton on his roof. (4x5)

Evan Smith from the DC tour, switch backside heelflip.

Paul Machnau, smithgrind

Tony Ferguson , backside tail published in the new SBC magazine.

Robson street icerink

Richmond construction

Robson street

Cypress mtn sled track