Thursday, June 9, 2011

Concrete Skateboading Magazine - issue 113

The latest issue of Concrete Skateboarding Magazine just arrived, here's some of my photos that are in there. Also some extra photos as well from my big trip to China.

Cory Wilson, 360 flip to fakie

Contents and sequence of Cory's 3 flip

14 page feature

Will Blakley

Will Blakely ollie to fakie

Liurong Temple, which is over a thousand years old.

Will Cui, our guide and photographer

Cory Wilson pops a big ollie to fakie.

Nick Moore, gap out to frontside feeble

Guangzhou night life

Evan Bourque

The van broke down many times

Stacy Gabriel

Guangzhou down by the river

Liurong Temple's golden statue's

Liurong Temple

Justin Allain

Our van was packed on our long drives

The menu of snakes, turtles , rabbits and chickens

Hunchback man walking down the street

A building made of gold?

A little street fashion in the shopping district

A man with no legs pulling his mother

Shenzhen shopping

Acupuncture points on the face

Corey Klim and AJ celebrate new years

A man and his wife entertain on the streets

Sugar cane for sale

A lone coat in an area where people live on the street

Shenzhen plaza

New years clean up

This monkey actually gave me a high five

A hippo showing off to spectators

Nick Moore, AJ, and Justin Allain, filming in the rain

Cory Wilson with his cameras