Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Polaroid project

I've shot a lot of polaroids in my day. After going through some files, scrapbooks, and scans I founds these. Most of these are really old, maybe 10 years or so, as I started shooting more polaroids at Slam City Jam contest series.

Brian Anderson and Chris Senn
Rick McCrank
Eric Koston
Paul Rodriguez
Heath Kirchart
Rene Rene and Rodrigo TX
Andrew Reynolds and Bryan Herman
Marcus McBride and Stevie Williams
Sean Hayes
Rene Rene
Montreal trade shows, gone wild
Ice blocked halloween party
Josh Evin
Harold Hunter
Mark Delong
Windsor James
Chris Dobstaff and Rubin Garcia
Josh Kasper and friend
Tory Goodall

Travis Stenger
Greg Lutzka
Jesse Booi, Mike McDermott, Jesse Oye
Paul Karta

Paul Rodriguez

Ed Templeton
Jim Grecco
PJ Ladd
Mark Gonzales
Tony Hawk
Steve Caballero
Kris Foley
Stevie Williams, nollie 180 switch crook
Chad Dickson
Andrew Reynolds
Me, backside 180 over the rail, photo David Christian
Luke Tanner, ollie
Magnus Hanson, feeble
Kris Foley, ollie up to pivot fakie
Mike Vince
Ali Boulala
Arron Johnson
Chris Haslam, frontboard 2 kinks