Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The New Year

After going through some photos from last year's trips and tours I figured I should post these before they get too old. (click image to make larger) Next week i'm off to Asia for a month with , Derek Swaim, Matt Berger, Cory Klim, Nick Moore, Mike Vince, AJ McAllister and Mike Campbell.

John Hanlon, Backside Tailslide from the RDS trip.
Dustin Montie, backside 180 nosegrind.
Pat Duffy, frontside 180 pivot grind, from RDS trip.
Nick Garcia, frontside transfer. Element tour
Will Blakley, gap to back smith 180 out. China Trip

Nick Garcia , gap to 5050. Element tour
Nick Garcia , boardslide feeble 180,Element tour
Erik Ellington, nollie flip from Shake Junt tour
Boo Johnson, front feeble to fakie, Element tour
Mark Appleyard, kickflip 5-0 to fakie, Element tour