Friday, February 24, 2012

1 week left in China

  Only one week left in China, the trips going amazing. This will be the last post from here ti'll I return back to winter in Canada.
Corey Klim, backside nollie at red ribbon. Street spots here are crazy.
Nick Moore, sequence of a beer chug
Benny Stoddard, ollie to fakie at Eiffell Tower (Foshan) , yes this is a street spot!
Dane Collison, AJ McAllister and Derek Swaim at Bruce Lee's school for Martial arts.
The weapons of Bruce Lee.
Nick Moore lights up a spot while 4-5-6 dice is going on.
Hotel hallway party on the top floor
Benny Stoddard, Dane Collison, Dave E, Matt Berger, media crew
Matt Berger, backside noseblunt.