Friday, December 9, 2011

Concrete Skateboarding issue 116

The new issue of Concrete Skateboarding magazine just got delivered to the office, make sure you grab a copy as they go quick. A few of my photos showed up in this issue including Jamie Maley's first cover! This scary ledge is one of the last great marble spots in Vancouver that hasn't been capped due to it's a heavy spot, it's dangerous. Jamie frontside noseslide's it in a few tries.

Magnus Hanson Interview, bigspin front board

Nollie crook to frontside nollie flip out.
Massive 360 flip.
Momentum ad with Magnus Hanson, kickflip back lip to front shuv out.

Mark Appleyard , frontside ollie onto the vert wall.
Ryan Decenzo, Ollie.
Spencer Hamilton, frontside kickflip.