Friday, December 2, 2011

B&W photos from the summer

After organizing my files for the year I found some little gems that never got used. Enjoy the weekend.

Matt Berger, tweaked ollie over the rail.
Sonreal and Nick Moore heading to some skate spots
Scott Decenzo, halfcab boardslide.
Scott Decenzo, front feeble pop out.
Jamie Maley
John Hanlon's weed grip
Tyler Holm
Jesse Landen bailing hard at newspot
Keith Henry laying rubber
Mike Stanfield's moustache
Derek Swaim gets ready for the manual session
Tent city Vancouver
Derek Swaim, Stacy Gabriel, Cameo Wilson, Will Blakley and Dane Collison
Will Blakley backside tailslide
Cory Wilson backside kickflip
Cameo Wilson frontside flip over the rail.
Cameo Wilson
Cameo Wilson backside smithgrind