Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall is here

  The new SBC magazine is out with my ShakeJunt feature, pick it up when it arrives in your town. Here's an opener of Beagle from the magazine.
Olio festival catalog, with Tony Ferguson, frontside 5-0. Event starts in a week.

Also got a small photo of Cory Wilson in the Sept issue of Photography Monthly Magazine.
Cory's frontside 180 in China with a huge drop on one side.
Magnus Hanson is Now on Element Skateboards, way to go buddy! Here he switch crooks a wall rail in Richmond.
Magnus Hanson in Vancouver
Sluggo wins the Hastings bowl Jam in Vancouver. Check that board out too.
Chris Connolly , invert at the hastings bowl jam
Matt Berger having fun in Burnaby, watch those fingers.