Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer's ending

Demo Season is on in Vancouver. Here's a few from the Element, C1rca, and Decenzo demo's who came to town. Along with some photos from around the city as well.

The Appleyards !
The view of Vancouver from my house.
Ryan Decenzo, massive switch frontside flip over the hip
Whitecliff park
Holding a 4x5 Polaroid
Mitch Barette having a good time bailing

David Gravette, Bart Jones and Cameo Wilson
Boo Johnson and Mark Appleyard
Brandon DelBianco stretching before the days mission

My Last VX 1000 tape (tears)

Hastings bowl at 2am
3 skate rats , Scott Decenzo, Magnus Hanson, Ryan Decenzo
Keith Henry and Nick Moore , 8 ball

Son Real, about to break em.
A couple of random photos , including this switch heelflip of Sascha Daley in the new RDS catalog.
Roof top on Tallay's house, amazing view

Russ Milligan pushing through the alley
Kevin Lowry ,backside wallride
Will Cui, Kevin Lowry and Russ Milligan watching a new spot skate session
Mike Campbell , hand bail.
Mike Campbell, backside tailslide
Kevin Lowry stretching
Grouse Mountain