Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mexico - extras - Nikon F3

Some photos taken while in Mexico city with my Nikon F3 - that's film to you new guys.

Shoe shine in 35 degree sun
Me calling to the front desk for more ice!
A truck load of mattress's
Matt Berger rolling a tire to Hashbrown
Sean Lowe bugging the flight attendants by not sitting
The view from our hotel, pent house suite

Some ruins in the city
Mike pivot to fakie on a rough spot
Mike fs nollie 180 heelflip
The building were amazing, all white marble
Any books on organization ?
Matt and Rich Odam in the scariest taxi ever
Matt Berger, ollie off a skinny bank
Matt backside flip
Matt fs air at the skatepark
the local garbage man on his route
Arte Lew sick in bed