Thursday, July 21, 2011

RDS tour

I wasn't sure about a 3 week tour in a motor home but it's been a great time with our crew, comfortable too we have beds, a fridge, TV, microwave and a dinner table. On the trip is: John Hanlon,Scott Decenzo, Sascha Daley, Micky Pappa, Tyler Gauthier, Zack Barton, TM Danny Marshall and our TV star driver, Rick Yemm from IRT Deadliest roads.
Here's a few photos, you can check out SBC magazine and the RDS Clothing site's for more details. There will be lots more updates over the next 3 weeks.

Parliment crew in Ottawa ,PJ Ladd, Scott Decenzo, Ryan Decezno, Mitch Barrett, Ricky Yemm, SEan Conover, Pat Duffy, Chris Troy and Sascha Daley.
Sascha Daley and Ryan Decenzo working on their hippie jumps for breakfast.
Ryan Decenzo, frontside flip over the hip at Legacy park, Ottawa
Danny Marshall's body with the head of John Hanlon.
The Legacy crowd was excited to get free stuff.
Chris Troy, crooks a long rail in Ottawa.

Our crew heads out for dinner, left to right. PJ Ladd, Ryan Decenzo, Scott Decenzo, Pat Duffy, Sean Conover, Mitch Barrett, Zach Barton, Danny Marshall, Chris Troy, Sascha Daley.
Chris Troy, noseslide in Montreal.

Sascha Daley, nosegrind up the hubba at Ashbridges park. Ollie in then pivot fakie by Scott Decenzo , Ashbridges park

Scott Decenzo, frontside 5-0 down by the river
Eagle Rock Canyon, Canada's longest zip line. Rick Yemm getting ready
Scott Decenzo, Sascha Daley, Colin Lambert and Rick Yemm
The R.V is a non stop party
Colin gets kicked out of a spot by too much sunshine?
Colin Lambert , gap to back lip in Thunder Bay.

The RV pulls over for food and ammo

Zach Barton films the demo in the Peg
Scoot sleeps on the floor of the RV while Hanlon nollie backlips a rail at night
Scott Decenzo flipping in the West Edmonton mall.
John Hanlon, Pushing in Regina.
To a kickflip backside tailslide.
Sascha Daley at Lake Louise with his new slingshot

Scott Decenzo, switch flip at gateway park
Sascha Daley, 5-0 at Taber park
Rick Yemm, signing autographs
Magnus Hanson joined us at Surrey's park with a nollie backside flip
John Hanlon, frontside 180 pivot grind at gateway
John Hanlon 360 flip at Taber park
Rock throwing is popular on the trip
Micky Pappa, Sascha Daley, John Hanlon and Scott Decenzo
The Crew in Lethbridge