Thursday, July 14, 2011

A few days to go

A few more days and all hell is going to break loose, mainly the RDS team driving across Canada. So I thought I post some photos from the past few weeks incase I don't survive.

Wade Desarmo, switch backside kickflip
Derek Swaim, frontside flip to fakie, Kensington park

Derek Swaim and Matt Berger, running into my kayak , Deepcove
Cory Wilson, frontside flip during the Quiksilver demo, plaza
Whistler Mountain
Craig Mcmorris, during the Billabong contest

Ghetto life while the world passes by
Riot cars

Wade Desarmo and Joey Williams, QE park

Keith Henry, antigravity demo
Chad Dickson
Go Skate day, Vancouver

Nate Lacoste, wallride
Grouse Mtn


Me on the edge, nearly 2000 ft to the bottom

Some 4x5 negs , this was shot at English bay
4x5 North Vancouver
4x5 Brandywine falls