Thursday, November 18, 2010

Color Magazine issue 8.5

Just got the new issue of Color magazine in today, great cover shot by Gordon Nicholas. A few things of mine in there, here they are with descriptions.

P-Rod - Toronto 2008
While on a filming mission with the Plan B team I got to hang with Paul quite a bit. Here he memorizes how Tiger woods does it, making money, having the perfect game and balancing life.
Paul gave me the book then he quoted out loud 2 pages from the book by memory, pretty amazing, and I guess it's working cause Paul is very successful as well.

Thailand - 2009
This was deep in the jungle at the famous Sai Yok National Park water falls. The most amazing place where locals hangout all day bathing in the warm water and relaxing. The water falls even run right through the middle of town, you can eat lunch and wave the water at your feet. These kids were tired from swimming all afternoon.

Shenzhen - 2007
In China they eat everything, I always heard jokes about dogs and cats for dinner but here is the proof. This was the window to a restaurant right by our hotel and we had to walk by it everyday to the market. No one had the guts to try dog meat though.

Chris Haslam -Japan 2008
While on a Momentum wheels trip to Japan Chris was obsessed with Brett The Hitman Heart, watching video clips and reading us sections of the book he brought. The head wrap was due to it being 40 degres in the shade, not fun to do a demo in.

Super Pussy - Bangkok 2009
Thailand has all sorts of interesting clubs. This one had a girl that could shoot a dart out of her privates and pop a balloon from 15 ft away, or so I heard.

The other angle of Hashbrown's ollie to fakie.

The other angle of Binko's ollie up to frontside wallride.