Thursday, November 25, 2010

35mm of the day.. comes to an end

Before digital cameras photographers had books and books of negatives. I'm going to be posting one or two photos a day from my old collection, here's the latest one. Not sure when it'll end. Actually this is now the last one, starting the new year fresh and with new projects on the go. Happy New Year!

A polaroid of my books of contact sheets. 2010

Chinatown, Vancouver, 2003

Chinatown, Vancouver, 2003

Chinatown, Vancouver, 2001

Vancouver, 2002.

Tosh Osaka, Whistler 1999
Torey Goodall, San Francisco, 2004

Snoop Dogg, 2003

The Roots, 2003
Tony Hawk, Kamloops 2003
Ted DeGros, nollie backside flip, 2001

Sheldon Meleshinski, ferry to NFLD, 2003

Ryan Sheckler, Vancouver 2003
Late night street party in San Francisco, 2004
A house burns in Quito, Ecuador 2004
Paris France, 2003

The Luvre, Paris 2003
The Luvre, Paris 2003

The Luvre, Paris 2003
The Luvre, Paris 2003

The Mona Lisa, Paris 2003

Seine River, Paris 2003

Eiffel Tower, Paris 2003

Chad Muska, San Diego 2004
Florentin Marfaing, Bastien Salabanzi and Chad Muska, San Diego 2004
Rick McCrank, crooked grind, Slam city jam, vancouver 2000
Paul Machnau, Noseslide , Yaletown Vancouver, 2000
The crowd at the Tonyhawk Birdhouse tour, Kamloops 2003.

Jeff Logan, frontside air, Burnaby, BC, 2000
Lloyd Banks, vancouver, 2004.

Jesse Landen, kickflip to fakie, Quito Ecuador, 2004.

Nate Lacoste, swing backflip ,2004

Jody Wagstaff, knocks his tooth out and holds it up to show me, 2001.
Jamie Thomas, Richmond, 2003

East coast photographer, Jeff Delong, 50-50 grind, vancouver 2002
Halloween, 2004

Halifax, 2003

Greg Wood, Melon grab to fakie, Sackville, Nova Scotia, 1998
Wade Fyfe, Canada - US border, 2002

Trevor Houlihan, Torey Goodall and Elliot MacDonald , 2002
When I started taking photos you had to shoot sequences with film, this got expensive so I used to crush my film instead of getting it developed. Not much sense in seeing a bunch of bail photos, 2003

Donny Barley and Dylan Rieder, Banff 2003

Wade Desarmo, ollie, 2003.

Mike McDermott and Wade Desarmo, Vancouver 2002
Ted DeGros, frontside noseslide, Ambleside, 2000
Danny Mayer, Backside tailslide, Slam City Jam, Vancouver 2003
Christy P, diving into a freezing lake in Whistler, 2003
Chad Dickson, Calgary Alberta, 2003

Carlos De Andrade, frontside flip, Slam City Jam 2001.
Bruce Willis, on Robson street, Vancouver 1997.

Black Eyed Peas, 2003 in Vancouver

Alien on the Maddash tour 2000.

Arron Johnson ollie at the old Ladner park 2001.