Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Josh Evin - RIP

   Some sad news in the Skateboard community , a friend to all and one of Canada's best skateboarders pass away this week. Anyone who knew Josh has some stories to tell, either an amazing feat on his board or just a funny story that happened while with him. I've never heard a bad word  spoken of Josh, and after coming back from our trip in hawaii a few years ago , I have lots of stories now too, they're all funny. You will be missed.
Josh 5-0 grabs over the corner at Cholos Bowl
Stalefish grab in Waikiki, this is  really hard considering it's over vert

Josh waits for his canoe in Waikiki to hit some big waves
Josh hanging out at the big tree 

Frontside ollie at Hastings, as you can see, this was very easy.
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