Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Concrete Skateboarding issue 107 - out now

The new issue of Concrete skateboarding should be out now. We have a long over due Travis Stenger and Joey Williams interview that is a must read. Along with many other things like, Lee Yankou, Geoff Strelow, and EA Skate, this issue turned out really well, now it's time to get to work on the Photo Annual which is always a fun project. For now here is some mixed photos that I had on my desk top.
Joey and Trav after their interview with Frank Daniello.

Joey trying to take out Trav in Barcelona on the tables.
Trav wondering Barcelona.
Fighting over the last beer.
Matt Berger tossing Hayden Kelly around.
Hayden jumps the fence checking for skate spots.
Matt checking spots out.
Rich Odam showing me some secret spots on his GPS.
Wade Desarmo and Twa
Hanlon shows Desarmo his kickflip style.
John Hanlon.
I brought my 4x5 on top the Chief, yes it was heavy carrying it up there.

3rd peak !

The new Kensington skatepark is well into production.