Thursday, June 11, 2009

A few left overs

 This summer has been hot and full of great skating. Here's a few extras from the past month or so that I've been sitting on. This Saturday is our #100 issue of Concrete Skateboarding as well , hope you all can  make it. Antisocial shop at 8pm then to the Biltmore for drinks and partying.

There's a new magazine in Canada called Kingshit. I got a couple things in there for the first issue, including this article about winter in Vancouver. Thanks guys, I like the way it turned out.

Jordan Mayfield climbing for the sweet angles
Paul Machnau waxes up
Derek Swaim at one of Kamloop's secret spots
Desarmo and crew watching youtube at a spot? 
The crew bares the heat in Kamloops
Spencer Hamilton gets his welcome to the team portraits for Supra shoes, hell yea !! well deserved
set up a new board and 30 minutes later break it, a sad sight
Wade Desarmo and TJ Rogers playing basketball, love them multiflash shots.
Banks cheers on the boss from the sidelines