Friday, June 12, 2009

Events weekend

 This weekend should be a busy one around town. We have Car Free day, Billabong store opening, RDS line contest, Concrete's 100 issue party, Zoo York video premier, Horse races, etc etc. Oh yea and some  serious  skateboarding as well if you can pry me away from the beach. Found some more extra photos on my computer today, some old some new.  
Stacy half cab heelflips mid line.
Spencer sets up a freshy
Corey Sheppard and I playing around with my light disc, no flash needed, or photoshop
Check the flame at the end just starting to build, that was a fun shoot
Haden Kelly, TJ Rogers and Matt Berger watching and being amazed at Alex Chalmers flip part
Met this biker at a spot, he was hyped on skateboarding, which is good cause you don't want to get punched with that fist.