Friday, November 25, 2011

Chaos in Bankok

   Bangkok for 2 weeks seemed like a bad idea , mainly cause they're having the worst flood in 50 years. So far though it's been really good, the 40+ degree weather hasn't helped. About a week left so we'll see if we can keep dodging the flood waters. On the trip is : Chris Haslam, Paul + Cam Machnau, and Jordan Mayfield filming.

Chris Haslam, ollie up to gap to lipslide.

Monks pray at a local temple.

Traffic Jams can be quite frustrating.

Roof top pool with Britt, Paul, Cam  and Haslam
Paul and Britt trying to read a Bangkok road map, we spent the day lost.
Chris Haslam fakie front crook pop out mid line.