Friday, October 21, 2011

RDS - Deadliest tour extras, again

A few photos that never made it into Thrasher magazine from the RDS tour, some wild times.

Sascha Daley with a massive cliff jump
Ricky Yemm always breaking the law
Two things to have on tour
Street party coming out of our hotel
Scott Decenzo chilling in his bedroom window

Ryan Decenzo, pivot fakie at the big O
West Edmonton mall is so much fun
PJ Ladd checking out Parliment
Mitch Barrette, backside 5050
Fans everywhere love the Decenzo's
Colin Lambert cooling off in the heat
John Hanlon goes in for the kick while Ricky tries to scare him and nearly got his head kicked off. That was a close one.
Sascha Daley and his new tee
Crazy fans
Pat Duffy and Danny Marshall
The kids playing 4,5,6
The Decenzo's