Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shake Junt tour Finale

The Shakejunt tour is over, and I'm still feeling the hangover. Here's a few photos I shot from the demo's and night life. There's some videos in the works as well which should be on the Krew and SBC site soon.

Booty shaking contest in Surrey
Cyrus on the mic ,controlling the autograph hounds in Surrey
The new Surrey park is amazing
Spencer Hamilton, backside 180 over the rail to hill bomb, MTL
Spencer Hamilton, kickflip over the new spot rail, vancouver
Kevin Romar in the eyes of a fan, Winnipeg
Kevin Romar, Winnipeg
Kevin Romar, front crook in the Peg
The Baitshop after party, T.O.
The rain came and went in the peg
Lizard and Otvos at the baitshop
Lizard at the Surrey park
Lizard backside lip pop out
JS frontside nosegrind, Surrey
JS, nollieheel boardslide in the Peg
JS, Neen and Spencer arriving in Vancouver
JS , huge frontside flip in Surrey
Bryan Herman, ollie in MTL
Bryan Herman, front shuv'd his luggage
Erik tries a new fashion look
The flight out of Vancouver