Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring is picking up

With the weather getting better each day , the productivity has been doing the same. Here's a few photos from around the city. Expect lots of Wade and Spencer in some future issue's of the magazine

Vancouver sunrun

Wade Desarmo and Banks

Spencer Hamilton's kickflip silhouette

Aj McAlister, ollie

Sebo Walker was in Vancouver

Sean Lowe

Jordan Murray, backside smith grind the cambie bridge skating in zero degree weather

A pile of my scrapbooks

Sascha Daley , checking out a spot

Hashbrown, enjoying the Surrey sun

Dane Collison, Rich Odam ,and Wade Desarmo hanging out in the cold

Granville st, slow shutter bus

Spencer Hamilton's board, broken and covered in blood

Aj and Corey Klim, searching some new spots