Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SBC Vol 13 issue 1

The latest SBC just arrived at the office and I have a few photos in there from the DC trip. Here's a taste of what got published plus some behind the scenes as well.

Ryan Oughton , Ollie over wall to drop.

Paul Trep, switch backside smithgrind.

Micky Pappa, switch flip to backside 5-0.

Evan Smith, backside tail slide

Josh Clark, frontside hurricane grind.

Chad Dickson, frontside nollie 180 heelflip

Mike Scott, DC canada, Marketing Manager

Chad Dickson and Sascha Daley setting up new boards

Paul Trep getting through the rough morning

Sascha Daley ,frontside bluntslide

Morgan Smith

Benny Stoddard and Ryan Oughton

Matt Miller signs a fans face

Benny and Elliot in Niagara Falls

Torey Pudwell, nollie backside flip (Game of Skate)

Some girls just can't drink


Sascha and Trevn (Team manager) true Canadians

Lets hit the disco!!

Chad Dickson at the casino