Friday, October 16, 2009

Concrete Photo Annual + photo contest

 T.G.I.F, we've been working hard on putting out the best Photo Annual we've ever done. Next  week we're finished the new issue of Concrete Skateboarding magazine, and you'll be surprised  in a lot of  areas. For now here's a few randoms from the past week's outing's.
Hashbrown, front smithgrind
Go to
to enter the FIRST PHOTOS contest which I will be judging soon. All the details are on the site.

Magnus Hanson and John Hanlon helped  with my profile
A film crew came out the other day and filmed a Day  in the life with me  for the site, hopefully it'll be up in a few days. It was a bit nerve  racking talking into a mic at 8am.

Brandon DelBianco with a really bad warm up bail.
A drawing I did based on a photo I took in Korea. Been working a lot more  on art work as the weather has  turned  into winter and my new studio space is up and running.

Travis Stenger show's his pride for the Barcelona soccer team. To answer your question, yes he's been skating!!