Thursday, September 24, 2009

Break Yourself!

The weather here in Vancouver has been amazing all week so people have been trying their hardest to get some last skateboarding in,  before it turns sour.  Just thought I'd post some filler pics that got left behind from the past few weeks. And of course the Amazing Flip Video that we all got to see the other night. Don't want to pull favourite's but Bob's part was  nuts!
Geoff Rowley with the only 2 copies, I want one.
My empty seat, front row
Me and Benny Stoddard getting hyped

Apples, Sheppard and if you can tell, Marks brother
The unedited version for the Osiris Tour article, nice
Sean McAlister
Magnus and Machnau
Chad Dickson's 24th BDay, beach ball head?

Danger on the roads!! Paul Machnau's new bike!
Brandon DeBianco, what looks like a rolled ankle , but wasn't.